See all the Different Ways PointsMap is Being Used.


PointsMap is for Communities

PointsMap is a great asset for Communities. Whether you are creating a map showcasing your area to welcome new families, trying to increase traffic to the businesses on and off the main roads, or simply letting everyone know where community events are happening around town, PointsMap is there to help.


Featured PointsMap - Cherokee County

Cherokee County really shows what you can do for your area with PointsMap. Not only do they list a host of community organizations such as churches, non-profits, and family assistance centers but also the financial lifeblood of the city with retail stores, restaurants, and many tourism and entertainment locations.

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PointsMap is for Corporations

PointsMap can be used in a unique way to benefit corporate interests. Where other industries might use the apps helpful features to attract tourists or retail buyers, a domestic or international company can use PointsMap to appeal to investors, organize factories or offices, or as a public relations device.


Featured PointsMap - Republic Parking

Republic Parking, a national parking management firm, has used their PointsMap to not only map out their airport parking locations across the country but also to field interviews with airport directors and presidents about the level of service Republic provides. This allows Republic Parking a useful resource to supply to prospective clients.

Similar Corporate Based PointsMaps

  • ACCED-I Visit the Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors-International PointsMap.
  • Northwest Georgia JDA The Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority serves the four-county region of Catoosa, Chattanooga, Dade, and Walker counties
  • The League of American Orchestras Broken down into many categories, the League allows users to explore and see all members and business's related to the League.
  • International Festivals & Events Association IFEA uses their PointsMap to help visitors find festivals, events, vendors, suppliers and everything in between, all over the world.

PointsMap is for Economic Development

With cities around the world vying for new business and factories, you could use an edge. PointsMap is ready to be your new engine. With PointsMap you can show off your industrial developments and business parks.

If you're looking to revitalize your manufacturing or office industries, look no further than PointsMap.


Featured PointsMap - Northwest Georgia JDA

The Northwest Georgia Joint Development Association has optimized their PointsMap to show the industrial and commercial parks across the region. County Lines can be seen by simply turning on a Category.


PointsMap is for Education

Educational campuses are evolving entities; their growth can be complex -- buying the available office space next door, adding a new wing to a seventy year old building, or simply having to build vertically due to space restrictions.

PointsMap has developed several features to aid educational facilities in providing the best experience to their students and visitors. One of the most important features is Internal Wayfinding using only the PointsMap App and the users smart phone people can easily navigate to any location.


Featured PointsMap - Chattanooga State

Chattanooga State, a city college, utilizes the PointsMap App's internal navigation feature to help students and visitors navigate the campus's many buildings. With QR codes posted throughout the facility, app users can easily locate exactly where they are inside a building, find nearby Points of Interest and easily navigate from any point to any other point inside using their smart phone.

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  • Cleveland State Campus Map Discover descriptions with inside maps and information for the entire campus of Cleveland State Community College.

PointsMap is for Festivals

PointsMap is perfect for festivals and events. The mobile interface is great for finding your way around the crowds and locating exactly what you're looking for. Whether indoor or outdoor, this App can help map and provide wayfinding for your event.


Featured PointsMap - Riverbend Festival PointsMap

Riverbend Music Festival of Chattanooga, uses PointsMap so customers can easily locate performers.

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PointsMap is for Medical

Due to space restrictions and available expansion areas, Medical Campuses can often be confusing at the best of times, but with the added worry of emergencies they can be downright dizzying. PointsMap has developed several features to aid health care facilities in providing the best experience to their patients and visitors. One of the most important features is Internal Wayfinding.

By using the PointsMap App and scanning a QR code on signage throughout the hospital, users can see where they are in the building. With a couple of taps, they can Get Directions, pick a destination and follow a path on the map with turn by turn directions to their chosen destination. Even in a multi-floor building.


Featured PointsMap App - CHI Memorial

CHI Memorial Hospital, a TN-based Health System, utilizes the PointsMap App's internal navigation feature to help visitors navigate the facility's eight floors. With QR codes posted throughout the facility, visitors can easily locate exactly where they are inside the building, find nearby Points of Interest and easily navigate from any point to any other point inside the hospital using their smart phone.


PointsMap is for the Military

PointsMap can be a great tool to provide information about a military base and the surrounding town, particularly if the base sees a lot of transitory traffic. And when using Custom and Inside Maps, password protection can be activated to control map access.


Featured PointsMap - Naval Station Great Lakes

The Naval Station Great Lakes uses PointsMap to help recruits find general information about the area. Its well built Table of Contents gives locations of local entertainment, lodging, and restaurants that are military friendly. It even lists out activities for families with children or visiting relatives.


PointsMap is for the Museums

PointsMap opens brand new avenues for museums. Virtual tours, sound bites, external web links and videos, as well as unlimited information about each and every exhibit can be available to guests the moment they come through the door.


Featured PointsMap - USS Midway

The San Diego based USS Midway Museum is an aircraft carrier filled with history. The museum features self-guided audio tours to nearly 70 locations and more than two dozen historic aircraft. PointsMap helps bring these elements together. Not only are the aircraft easy to locate on the flight deck but each aircraft Point contains links to historical articles, flight videos, and more as well. PointsMap's easy flexibility is perfect as the museum adds exhibits, a theater, and additional aircraft in the near future.


PointsMap is for the Real Estate

As the world of technology permeates everyday life real estate companies have to start marketing their products in a whole new way. PointsMap is here to help. Whether you just need a digital presence to show prospective clients the locations of your homes or something a bit more daring, PointsMap has the answers.


Featured PointsMap - Long Branch Lakes

Long Branch Lakes is a gated housing development on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau. The LBL PointsMap is a significant force to help their sales force show clients multiple lots and the remarkable scenery and amenities located nearby.


PointsMap is for the Recreational Centers

Community and private recreational centers will find PointsMap is a perfect companion to their organization. With unlimited categorization and a plethora of multi-colored Points, this App can aid anyone from first time visitors to weekly attendees find their way around a large or small locale.


Featured PointsMap - East Ridge Park Camp Jordan

The Parks and Rec department of East Ridge, TN, uses PointsMap for their local recreation area Camp Jordan. Consisting of multiple pavilion and general use facilities in addition to eight soccer fields, a soccer stadium, and twelve baseball diamonds, Camp Jordan is a large center that hosts events throughout the year with many first time visitors. Their PointsMap helps people locate concessions, bathrooms, and the correct sport's fields for games.


PointsMap is for Sporting Events

Marathons, triathlons, 10Ks and other sporting events run better with PointsMap. Our interactive maps let athletes, runners, walkers and spectators visually travel the courses and become familiar with the area so they can prepare and plan. Whether it is a city-wide route crisscrossing main roads or a major outdoor event, PointsMap lets you map out the entire course, including every spectator area, landmark, parking areas and traffic avoidance spots. You can mark the course of a race to alert drivers to closed roads or show visitors the best locations to get refreshments and souvenirs. Sponsors can see where their signage will be displayed to plan their booths for best exposure.


Featured PointsMap - Beach2Battleship Iron Triathlon

The PPD Beach2Battleship Iron Triathlon is an annual race held in the Wilmington, North Carolina, area. This race boasts a full and half triathlon with all six routes individually mapped on their PointsMap. In addition to the courses, the App helps users find entertainment events, lodging, sponsors and vendors.

Beach2Battleship's PointsMap also allows participants in the triathlon to download a list of the GPS coordinates for their route to help with race preparation.

Beach2Battleship Triathlon Testimonial

"When we were first introduced to PointsMap we were an established event with world recognition and several awards in the triathlon market. So, we were not necessarily looking for something to take us to the next level. That quickly changed when Jerry and his team showed us exactly what PointsMap could do. With multiple venues, courses, sponsors and festivities PointsMap allows us to share all of these locations and times with our athletes.

Effectively our entire event and web site can be shared in one central mapping system... PointsMap has given us and our athletes a tool that puts our event in the palm of our hand. We couldn’t be more happy with our partnership with PointsMap."

- Jeremey A. Davis, Set Up Events, Race Director


PointsMap is for Tourism

Tourism is the lifeblood of many cities and regions. PointsMap can be an invaluable resource to direct visitors directly to nearby tourism destinations. From state parks and natural wonders to museums and historical battlefields, PointsMap can help visitors locate and learn about every important location and what other attractions and accommodations are nearby.


Featured PointsMap - Battle of Chickamauga

Union and Confederate forces fought for control of Chattanooga, TN, in 1863. The Battle of Chickamauga was the prelude to the Union force's victory after the Three Battles of Chattanooga. The preserved historic sites here open the door to history.

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  • Civil War 150th The civil war was over 150 years ago, discover many of the war's locations and history with PointsMap.
  • Enjoy Mt. Vernon Welcome to Mt. Vernon, the business, financial, cultural and entertainment center of Jefferson County.
  • San Diego Zoo Find out what makes the San Diego Zoo so special with PointsMap.

PointsMap is for Trade Shows

Trade Shows are a perfect fit for PointsMap. Hundreds and thousands of people walk the floor visiting booths at trade shows and conventions. Our App offers administrators the chance to easily let their visitors know exactly what's happening where and which vendors are located at specific booths. Also let attendees know what is available around the event for food and entertainment.


Featured PointsMap - AZA Mid-Year Meeting

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums chose PointsMap for their 2011 conference. PointsMap gave them the ability to showcase not only their keynote addresses but also the schedule of meetings at each location throughout the week by day and time.

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American League of Orchestras Conference The League Conference is a great example of PointsMap in use for a trade show.