About the PointsMap App

The PointsMap App offers a wealth of features for festivals, events, tourism,  apartments,  and businesses. With a fully customizable App for your PointsMap. Content  is automatically uploaded and synced with your PointsMap App instantly.


The App in Detail.


The PointsMap App is customized with your logo, skinned with your colors and has multiple pages with your specific information and functionality. Every point and all the point information from your PointsMap Desktop is AUTOMATICALLY synced with your App as changes are updated The PointsMap App is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Your Customized PointsMap App

Featured Categories We create categories that auto-cycle on your home page. You can add, rename, or remove points from these categories.

Custom Buttons for your home screen, can perform specific functions like: Go to the Maps; Show Categories; Start Way Finding; Show Where To Eat; etc. This makes the Home Screen easy for users to get to what they want quickly and see what you want to feature.

Apple and Google Play App Stores will host your App so your customers can download it for free.

Many different types of industries are currently using PointsMap, and features are constantly being added to improve it. Check out our Who is Using It page to see how PointsMap can be an effective navigation and marketing tool.


Links to Additional Content and Information

Links on the Home Page as well as within every point in your app can be set to Launch Websites, Watch YouTube videos, Open PDF's, and more These can be Custom Buttons on the Home Page or Links within the Points Info Page that are created by you by adding menu buttons to the point using your Desktop Interface.

Last minute changes to a booth, or even event changes can be made with a quick edit to your PointsMap from your desktop or tablet and these changes are instantly synced to the app.

Featured and Highlighted Points

The PointsMap App features specific categories and points for preferred vendors, sponsors, locations, or events. Making these categories instantly available to your users. We can program your app with selected categories and they will automatically be featured on the App home page.

These points cycle automatically, displaying the points photos in each of the 3 categories.

A categories button in the App menu also mirrors your table of contents, so every point and its content is available to view in your app.


Built in QR Scanner

Signs that are displaying QR codes, can enable anyone using PointsMap to see exactly where they - even inside a building - by scanning the Sign's QR code. This will open the map with a point exactly where the sign is located. A QR Code Scanner is included in your custom app for your users convenience.


The PointsMap Simulator

PointsMap Simulator  With the simulator you will be  to learn the PointsMap App. Simply use the blue arrows to go to the next step and then repeat the actions from the video images on the simulator.


Home Page Featured Points This page has 3 categories with Featured Points in each. This allows you to display specific points on the home page. Swipe left or right to see the points in each category. To follow along find the Tennessee Aquarium Point in the Featured Attractions slider.


Point Detail Views Select the Tennessee Aquarium point by Tapping it.  Now you will be taken to the Tennessee Aquarium Point Detail View. Here you will see detailed information about your selected point.


Point Photos Every point can contain multiple photos. Tap the Photo on the Detail page. From here you can zoom and pan the photo and swipe to view additional photos from that point.


My Favorite Locations List Tap the Menu Button in the upper left of the Home page. When the menu opens, tap My Favorite Locations and view a list of all the points in you Favorite Locations list. Tap on any photo in this list to view the Detail page about the point.

Menu Buttons - Links to Info Tapping the menu button under the photo in the Detail view opens links to web pages, PDFs and Text Information about the point. Tap View Our Brochure in the Menu Button list on the Tennessee Aquarium point to view the PDF of their brochure. When done, return to the app window to continue.

Play Videos Tap the PLAY button to open a pop-up with available videos for the point. Tap the Video - Youtube button to watch the Aquarium video.



Go to the Map Tap the Map Icon to open the point on the streets map. Some points even have a photographic or illustrated Fun Map available as well. Tapping another icon on the map will pop up the name and photo for that point. Tapping the photo or name will take you to the Detail page of that point.

Select Categories of Points on the Map Swipe the Categories Selector at the bottom of the map screen to see the various categories of points on the map. Tapping one of the categories displays all the points in that category on the map. This allows you to see where other points are on the map in relation to your selected point.

Getting Google Directions to a Point Tapping the Arrow button under the pop-up photo will open the point in Google Maps so you can get driving directions to the point.


Other Points on the Map Tapping any of the displayed points on the map pops up the name of the point. Tapping on the name takes you to the Detail page for that point. Tap the "Info" button on the bottom right of the map allows you to switch between Street and  Satellite Maps.

Select Categories of Points on the Map Swipe the Categories Selector at the bottom of the map screen to see the various categories of points on the map. Tapping one of the categories displays all the points in that category on the map. This allows you to see where other points are on the map in relation to your selected point.

Inside Maps Go to the Home page and tap on the North side Main Entrance point in the bottom slider "What's Up" category. Tap on Get Directions. This opens the inside map for the hospital. Because of the way the simulation works, the inside map will open on a new browser window. If you are following along on your smart phone, the inside map will open on your phone.

Turn by Turn Directions In the new window, tap Get Directions From Here. On the next screen tap Select a Destination and pick Care Team A from the list. Tap on GO. The first path is green and the turn by turn instruction says Depart from the North side Main Entrance. As you tap the Green Next button you will see a new segment highlighted in green and a new instruction.

A Wealth of Information Each Point contains a wealth of information. Simply tap, scroll , zoom and pan around the map to find new points and information that can be used to learn about the points on the map.



Explore on Your Own Use the categories to explore all the stores and locations on the map. Download the FREE PointsMap Demo App today. Search for PointsMap in your app store to find maps for the Saint Louis Art Fair, the Beach 2 Battleship Triathlon and more! Have Fun!