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Press about PointsMap?

While still relatively young, PointsMap has already received media attention. Check out some of the articles below to see what’s being said.

Navigate CHI Memorial from the Palm of Your Hand

CHI Memorial became the first hospital complex to launch a full-use PointsMap featuring a plethora of new features designed to complement facility mapping.

Wayfinding Press Release - Chattanooga State

Click the link below to read the press release from the debut of Wayfinding at Chattanooga State. Read how PointsMap covers their entire campus, as well as our satellite facilities.

Putting the Pieces Together

A first hand account of PointsMap as told by Cindy Lerick, President and Executive Director of the IFEA Foundation Board. Cindy expands on the features PointsMap allowed her to use for the Saint Louis Art Fair of which she is a producer.

Riverbend & PointsMap

PointsMap finds success at the 30th Annual Riverbend Music Festival Chattanooga Times Free Press contributor Karen Nazor Hill checks out PointsMap's appeal and what's made it a hit for Riverbend the last few years.

PointsMap for Parks & Buildings

Did you ever lose your way in a hospital or become confused looking for a landmark in a park? Video Ideas Productions, has developed a highly adaptable software called PointsMap.

Where Was That Happening?

Jerry Waddell, president and creator of PointsMap, goes in-depth on the software's capabilities and discusses its viability for success with members of IFEA (International Festivals and Events Association).

More Than One Way to Skin an App

M&C's Michael J. Shapiro takes a sharp look at PointsMap, as the company gears up for the League of American Orchestras Annual Trade Show.

Navigate the Green

PointsMap joins with the Children's Hospital Golf Classic to provide real-time player tracking and score reporting.