PointsMap Vs Google My Maps

Want more reasons why PointsMap has what you need? Many people feel they can get everything they want from Google My Maps for free. However while there are some similar features, what PointsMap has to offer trumps the rest.

Features PointsMap®
Have Custom icons YES YES
Add Points w/ Description YES YES
Add Primary Photo YES YES
Add Multiple Photos YES YES
Add Categories YES NO
Custom Icons For Each Point or Category YES NO
Bulk Import YES YES
Add a Line YES YES
Get Driving Directions YES YES
Turn off Categories YES NO
Create Sub Categories YES NO
Menu within each Point YES NO
Move Points YES NO
Map Styles YES NO
Custom maps YES NO
Inside maps YES NO
User can change map YES NO
Ability to Share with Social YES YES
User can hide Points or Paths YES NO
Ability to delete Point by date YES NO
Multi tiered editor levels YES NO
Organized Site Tree of Points YES NO
Traffic information of clicks YES NO
Delete Multiple Points YES NO
Export Point YES NO
Add videos YES YES

Internal Wayfinding

Features PointsMap®
Internal Wayfinding YES NO
Ability to Edit Internal Wayfinding YES NO
Submaps (inside a building maps) YES NO
Add Multiple Points and Data onto Internal Maps YES NO
Wayfinding Path Drawn on Inside Map from Start or End Point YES NO
Multi Level Support Wayfinding YES NO
Speech Support “Speaks” Step by Step Instructions YES NO
Detailed Step by Step Instructions YES NO
Path Highlighted Step by Step YES NO
Reports Points User Passes on Left or Right of Path YES NO

PointsMap App

Features PointsMap®
Customized App that Highlights Featured Categories and Points YES NO
Photos, Descriptions, URL’s, Video Links are Pulled into the App as Additional Display YES NO