What is PointsMap?

PointsMap is an online mapping program powered by the Google Maps API which allows Administrators to populate their unique map with points of interest, paths, zones, and more. Google POI's can be removed so the only points on your PointsMap are Points you add, making your PointsMap exclusive. While maintaining all of Google Maps' interactivity, PointsMap's interface gives Administrators a tool that is easy to setup and edit, keeping visitors up to date.

What are Points?

Points of Interest (POI), or simply Points, are locations filled with useful information and links. In their Detailed Information Window, points can contain multiple images, descriptions, web links, and PDF's. Our menu buttons offer a variety of functions including playing audio and video files. In short, each point can act as it's own mini website.

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What is a Zone?

In addition to Points, maps can include Zones. These have all the functionality of Points, but cover an area rather than a single location, making it possible to designate parking lots, event registration, public areas, and more.

The Go Inside Feature.

The Go Inside feature is designed to show the interior map of facilities. This feature can be added to any Point and allows the User to visit submaps, usually floor plans, that can be filled with their own Points of Interest.

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About Paths and Internal Wayfinding.

Paths are essentially draw-able lines on the map. They connect to a Point and will display the Point's information. One of the main uses for this feature are custom paths. On the Street or Satellite Maps these paths could represent hiking trails, event routes for marathons, or parades, evacuation plans, and more.

PointsMap offers optional Internal Wayfinding on Inside Maps allowing users to scan a code to see exactly where they are inside the building. The user can select a destination and our software will find the shortest route, draw the path and guide the user with easy to follow Turn by Turn Directions.

Learn More by Visiting Internal Wayfinding.

How PointsMap Works for You

PointsMap has unlimited uses. Dozens of different industries are currently using PointsMap, and features are still being added to improve and expand its capabilities. Watch our slide show below to see how PointsMap can showcase your event or conference.

A Mini Website

Each Point on a PointsMap has the ability to act as a mini website. Admins can add to a point through the description, image gallery, or Menu Buttons. They can add information within the App or they can create linked Menu Buttons.

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Driving & Walking Directions

All Points instantly have Directions button enabled in their Menu Buttons. This gives the User the ability to get Google map directions directly to a point they select.

How to use points map menus, navigate, PointsMap, Features, map, wayfinding

Online Menus, Brochures, & More

PDF files like brochures, coupons, and menus can be uploaded to PointsMap for Users to view.


How to use points map menus, navigate, PointsMap, Features, map, wayfinding

"Go Inside" Feature

PointsMap's Go Inside feature assists Users with wayfinding by displaying Inside Maps of facilities.


How to use points map menus, navigate, PointsMap, Features, map, wayfinding

Direct Link to Websites

Menu Buttons can link users to existing content on a website, even specific web pages to provide more information.


How to use points map menus, navigate, PointsMap, Features, map, wayfinding

Online Videos and Audio

PointsMap can directly play flash video files and MP3 audio files within the interface, and easily linked to websites like Vemo and YouTube for user viewing.


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Direct Access to Sales

Menu Buttons can even be used to allow users to purchase tickets or to pick their seats for an event.


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