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Trade Shows
Trade Shows are a perfect fit for PointsMap.  Hundreds and thousands of people walk the floor visiting booths at trade shows and conventions.  PointsMap offers administrators the chance to easily let their visitors know exactly what's happening where and which vendors are located at specific booths.

PointsMap is also an amazing tool for letting trade show and conference attendees know what is available around the event for food and entertainment.
Featured PointsMap - AZA Mid-Year Meeting 2011
The Association of Zoos and Aquariums chose PointsMap for their 2011 conference.  PointsMap gave them the ability to showcase not only their keynote addresses but also the schedule of meetings at each location throughout the week by day and time.

Association of Zoos & Aquariums PointsMap

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Case Study
A trade show attendee lost information from a booth and cannot remember how to contact the vendor.
Every booth at a trade show can be marked with its own point.  This allows the vendor to put all relevant information on their own point complete with contact information, brochure or flyer PDFs, links to their website and more.
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PointsMap pricing is very affordable for every type of industry and use.
Pricing is customized based on the industry, type of use, content and traffic.
Contact PointsMap for your free demo and customized quotation.

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