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Tourism is the lifeblood of many cities and regions.  PointsMap can be an invaluable resource to direct visitors directly to nearby tourism destinations.

From state parks and natural wonders to museums and Civil War battlefields, PointsMap can help visitors locate and learn about every important location and what other attractions and accommodations are nearby.
Featured PointsMap - Battle of Chickamauga
Union and Confederate forces fought for control of Chattanooga, TN, in 1863.  The Battle of Chickamauga was the prelude to the Union force's victory after the Three Battles of Chattanooga.  Chickamauga, GA, lies just south of Chattanooga, and the preserved historic sites here open the door to history.  Chickamauga's PointsMap allows visitors to learn about the sites they will visit beforehand on the desktop or onsite with PointsMaps mobile interface.

Chickamauga Battlefield PointsMap

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Case Study
You want to start giving tours of your site and the interesting facts about each location, but your budget will not allow for the addition in staff or hours.
For a fraction of the cost, PointsMap can be used to give virtual tours.  Since each Point of Interest is able to have an unlimited description and links to just about anything, you can put as much information as necessary at every location, and with Groups you can incorporate multiple Points at or near the same location to be easily locatable by visitors.

For outdoor locations, PointsMaps "Where Am I?" feature can use a smarthphone's GPS to locate and show visitors exactly where they are in relation to Points of interest.
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PointsMap pricing is very affordable for every type of industry and use.
Pricing is customized based on the industry, type of use, content and traffic.
Contact PointsMap for your free demo and customized quotation.

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