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Community and private recreational centers will find PointsMap is a perfect companion to their organization.  With unlimited categorization and a plethora of multi-colored Points, PointsMap can aid anyone from first time visitors to weekly attendees find their way around a large or small locale. recreation_hero-(1).png
Featured PointsMap - East Ridge Parks & Rec - Camp Jordan
The Parks and Rec department of East Ridge, TN, uses PointsMap for their local recreation area Camp Jordan.  Consisting of multiple pavilion and general use facilities in addition to eight soccer fields, a soccer stadium, and twelve baseball diamonds, Camp Jordan is a large center that hosts events throughout the year with many first time visitors.  Their PointsMap helps people locate concessions, bathrooms, and the correct sport's fields for games.

Eastridge Parks and Rec PointsMap

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Case Study
A national organization is interested in using your center for their annual conference, but is wary of placing and scheduling players and coaches at the correct location.
PointsMap allows administrators to setup each Point with as much information as they'd like including schedules (whether in PDF format or straight in the text description) and can make it easy for teams to know where they need to be by separating fields and facilities into categories.
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