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Events & Festivals
PointsMap was made for festivals and events. The mobile interface is perfect for finding your way around the crowds and locating exactly what you're looking for. Whether indoor or outdoor, PointsMap can help map and even develop a wayfinding capability for your event.

PointsMap App - For Festivals & Events
Featured PointsMap - Riverbend Festival
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The Saint Louis Art Fair is an annual three day fair that draws upwards of 130,000 patrons.  Featuring live musical performances, over one hundred artist booths featuring a variety of mediums, and local vendors, this map really shows what you can do with PointsMap even with a limited staff.  

Riverbend Festival PointsMap

Testimonial and News Coverage
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Case Study
There has been a technical glitch at one of your stages and the performers are going on at a secondary venue.  You need a way to let visitors know about the change.
PointsMap's easy-to-use interface allows Administrators to quickly update their map and get the information disseminated to the public.  In just a few clicks you can change the posted schedule and the artist's Point on the map.
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PointsMap pricing is very affordable for every type of industry and use.
Pricing is customized based on the industry, type of use, content and traffic.
Contact PointsMap for your free demo and customized quotation.

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