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PointsMap can be used in a unique way to benefit corporate interests.  Where other industries might use PointsMap's helpful features to attract tourists or retail buyers, a domestic or international company can use PointsMap to appeal to investors, organize factories or offices, or simply as a public relations device. corporate_hero-(1).png
Featured PointsMap - Republic Parking
Republic Parking, a national parking management firm, has used their PointsMap to not only map out their airport parking locations across the country but also to field interviews with airport directors and presidents about the level of service Republic provides.  This allows Republic Parking a useful resouce to supply to prospective clients.

Republic Parking PointsMap

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Case Study
Your sales rep has taken on a new route he is unfamiliar with and needs to call up information on clients and contacts on the road.
With PointsMap, you can input any information you have on current and potential clients into Points.  This will allow your sales rep to find his next meeting on the map, read up on any pertinent data, and get directions in a matter of minutes.  And because PointsMap is available across multiple platforms, your sales rep can do this from anywhere with a wireless or 3G connection.
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PointsMap pricing is very affordable for every type of industry and use.
Pricing is customized based on the industry, type of use, content and traffic.
Contact PointsMap for your free demo and customized quotation.

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