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  The PointsMap App provides a visually pleasing, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The App displays three "special" categories with the most important, commonly used and featured points on the home page for quick and easy access. Searching is streamlined and engaging; with just a type of your keyword results are displayed with visual results.
PointsMap App in Detail.

PointsMap is also available as an App that "contains" your PointsMap. This App can be modified with your logo, skinned with your colors and have multiple pages with your specific information and functionality. If you already have an app, PointsMap can be embedded "into" your existing app in a similar way to how it exists in the PointsMap app. The PointsMap App is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Many different types of industries are currently using PointsMap, and features are constantly being added to improve and expand its capabilities. Embedding PointsMap in an app adds even more to the effectiveness. Check out our Application pages to see examples of PointsMap in a variety of uses and how PointsMap can be an effective navigation and marketing tool for you

The home page of your PointsMap App can be customized using your logo, background photo, and colors for your organization, school, hospital, event, etc. to complement your marketing and branding. In addition, your App will include an "About" page in the menu and in the App store.

We create the "Featured" categories which auto-cycle on your home page. You can add or remove points from these categories and even rename the these featured categories at any time.

A customized icon is created for your App and your App is then submitted to the Apple and Google Play App Stores in your organizations name.
Your personal App

PointsMap Syncing

With the App function, everything in the app can be linked directly to your embedded PointsMap. The app pulls photos, descriptions, website and video links all from the information you input on your PointsMap. So, selecting a featured point within the app brings up all of the same information that is already on your PointsMap in an easy to read and use format. Clicking on the map button in the display opens your PointsMap in the app and displays the location of the featured point on the map.


Top Spots

The PointsMap App provides a Visually Pleasing and Easy to Use Interface allowing you to feature "specific categories and points" for preferred vendors, sponsors, locations, events, highlights or whatever you want to make instantly available to your users. We program your app with 3 "special" categories and then you can move PointsMap points into those categories and they will automatically be "featured" on the home page of your App.

These points "cycle" automatically displaying the points photos in each of the 3 categories. With this type of preferred listing, each of the points you choose to feature will receive attention and be visited.

There is also a "categories" button in the App menu which mirrors your PointsMap table of contents so EVERY POINT on your PointsMap and its content is available to view IN YOUR APP!




No Programming or Waiting

You can instantly make changes to the any of the points in your app by using your PointsMap admin and the changes are instantly reflected in the App when it is refreshed.  You do not have to use programmers, creating a cost to you, or valuable expensive time to update or change the content of the featured points in your app. No need to deal with hassles of long wait times with the Apple or Android Market reviewing your updates for change. You simply make the changes in your PointsMap admin and they are directly updated in your app.



Call out information


Websites, YouTube videos, PDF's, etc. are all easily accessible from your PointsMap App. A menu button for your featured points and relevant information is easily accessible within the app AND within the PointsMap. Additional features such as schedules, contact information, etc. can be added and made easily accessible through the App menu. Last minute changes to a booth, or even event changes can be relayed in real time with a quick edit to your PointsMap from your desktop or tablet and is instantly reflected in the app.


Point Hit Metrics

PointsMap can provide you with valuable metrics.

We track the hits to every point on your PointsMap,
We know if that point was hit on the desktop version,
in the mobile version or using the PointsMap App.

You can even specify a particular time period to track hits
to help you determine overall point hits, or specific point
hits, during an advertising campaign or special event.

Built in QR Scanner


Through the power of posters or signs displaying QR codes, anyone using PointsMap can see exactly where they are in relation to the QR code they scan. Even if the QR Code was scanned "inside a building" PointsMap will open the inside map and highlight the point with their location. A QR Code Scanner can be INCLUDED in your custom app so your user does not need to download a scanner app from their app store.


Download the App on Google Play or the Apple App Store

Android app on Google Play

PointsMap pricing is very affordable for every type of industry and use.
Pricing is customized based on the industry, type of use, content and traffic.
Contact PointsMap for your free demo and customized quotation.

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