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Internal Wayfinding

   Medical campuses are evolving entities; their growth can be complex -- buying the available office space next door,
adding a new wing to a seventy year old building, or simply having to build vertically due to space restrictions.
   Even under the best circumstances these facilities may be confusing, but with the added stress and worry of illnesses or
emergencies many patients and visitors experience, a medical campus can become a dizzying maze of corridors, elevators, and
restricted areas.
   How much does it cost your facility and staff when someone is late for an appointment, meeting, class or procedure because
they got lost within your facility trying to find where they were supposed to go? Now, PointsMap introduces a solution to
that problem.
   Whatever the facility, internal wayfinding computes the shortest, most effecient path and can help you get to your location
faster and without getting lost or disoriented. Help your customers, visitors and staff easily navigate "inside" with PointsMap!
   We offer "turnkey" development for your campus, inside and outside ... or we can train your staff and you can build your 
PointsMap yourself - whatever you prefer!

Introducing Point to Point Internal Wayfinding.
It's a perfect solution for

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities,
  • Colleges & Universities,
  • Museums,
  • Malls,
  • Trade Shows,
  • Corporate Campus',
  • Military Bases,
  • Industrial Complexes
  • and any other Large Facility. 

Your visitors, students, customers, and staff can now use their "smart phone" to get turn by turn directions and the shortest Path drawn
on your inside map from ANY starting point inside your facility to ANY destination inside your facility.

And more ... PointsMap does not require anything other than the users phone connection to the internet. No new hardware to install
and maintain! PointsMap's Internal Wayfinding is a "software" solution. 


Introducing Internal Point to Point Wayfinding

How does it work?


Its as Easy as 1-2-3 to use our new internal Wayfinding!
  1. Select a starting point - from ANY point on the inside map ...
  2. Select "Get Directions From Here" ...
  3. Select a destination and then follow the highlighted path..



Turn by turn directions

Your visitors and patients will get friendly turn by turn directions, instructing them which way to walk, which way to turn and even what they will pass on their left or right as they walk the PathMap. Then can even plan ahead before they leave home using their desktop computer or smart phone and find out where to park and which entrance is the best and closest to their destination.



QR Codes


Once they are on-location, if they get lost, they can even scan a QR code which will open your PointsMap and highlight exactly where they are on the map! They can then tap "Get Directions From Here" and navigate to any other point in the building. It's just that easy.



Scan the QR Code Below with a Scanner App
or with the Free PointsMap App

     Use any scanning app on your smart phone to scan this QR code..
It will open PointsMap and you will be at the Northside Main Entrance.
• Pick A Destination from the drop
  down list
• Tap GO to Create the Path
• Tap the Green Arrow for Step by
  Step Instructions

   Search for PointsMap in your app store.
Download and install the free PointsMap App.
Launch the app and use the scanner to Scan this code.

It will open PointsMap and you will be at the
Northside Main Entrance.

• Tap CARE TEAM A - of Pick any Destination from the list
• Tap YES you would like Turn by Turn directions.
• Tap the Green Arrow for Step by
  Step Instructions

GuideMe Codes
The One Step Solution

GuideMe Codes are QR codes that knows exactly where
they are inside a building and automatically creates a
path to a specific destination - all in one step.

The example on the left would be at the entrance to a building. Scanning one of the location codes would create
a path from the entrance to that location, draw the path
on the map, highlight the path segment by segment and
give you turn by turn instructions as you go.

Try scanning the GuideMe code on the left with a scanner app or the PointsMap App.


Give PointsMap it a Try


It's simple to maintain and modify, it's easy to use, it's affordable and it saves you time and money!

Contact Jerry Waddell today to see just how PointsMap can help your facility. 

JerryW@PointsMap.com   423.864.2677





PointsMap pricing is very affordable for every type of industry and use.
Pricing is customized based on the industry, type of use, content and traffic.
Contact PointsMap for your free demo and customized quotation.

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