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For the third year, we are using PointsMap for the Saint Louis Art Fair!  “Oh my God, this is so cool!” is a comment we still hear over and over. Thousands of visitors, volunteers, artists and sponsors use it from their desktops to plan the weekend … then from their smart phones to navigate the fair. 

This year we are using the new PointsMap App! It takes the user experience to a whole new level. It’s so friendly to use, it looks and works great, and I can make changes instantly to the App using my PointsMap desktop interface.

You should be using PointsMap for your event! It’s easy to use, a tremendous value and a state-of-the-art tool to help your visitors navigate! People want PointsMap!

When we used PointsMap for the first year, Everyone really loved it. My staff, board, and volunteers are so excited. We are a very small office (2 fulltime) and 4 interns. Our youngest staff member jumped on the chance to create our PointsMap. We are so excited to have something that is live and up-to-date!

PointsMap was an incredible tool for the Saint Louis Art Fair! It created a tremendous amount of excitement in everyone. Everyone used it from their desktops to plan the weekend. Then at the fair they used their smart phones to navigate using QR Codes and GPS.
To the art fair industry this is a real positive. PointsMap is real simple to use. We have the images, we have the website, we have the descriptive information. It was so easy to create the PointsMap. We were even able to include inside maps of the Creative Castle and Wells Fargo to showcase the artists works. We even included our volunteer handbook, our training videos, our exhibitor guide, everything is on our PointsMap.
Now I use this PointsMap for my event each year. I just log into the PointsMap ADMIN and make the changes it for the current years event  ... it’s great. We find out that we can do so much more with it every year. We use it for all our merchandise and put all that on the PointsMap also. We can even track the location of our volunteers on the grounds during the Art Fair.
PointsMap is staff friendly, it’s customer friendly, it’s vendor friendly, it’s trade show friendly – you don’t have to create anything new for anyone, it’s all there in PointsMap - and everyone can use it.
We were at our board meeting and one of the key volunteer board members from artist relations said, “Can you search just by booth number?” and I’m like, “Yeah, let’s do it!” And we just did it on her phone, and she goes, “Oh my God! this is so cool.” We could go to being completely without paper.
Our stakeholders love this new addition to our festival.

I highly recommend PointsMap for any fair, festival or event. It’s easy, a tremendous value and a state-of-the-art tool to help your visitors navigate! This is what people want - they want PointsMap!”

-Cindy Lerick   
President & Executive Director, Producers of The Saint Louis Art Fair 

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PointsMap has literally 'rocked my world', and that's not easy to do. After seeing what PointsMap can do for our triathlons  and events, it caused me to change my thinking about  marketing our events. We can now map the actual routes for the swim, bike and run as well as put caution areas, transition areas and much more. PointsMap will be an incredible tool for our participants, sponsors and spectators. It will make our events much more accessible and user friendly.

-Andrew Silbereisen
President, Set Up Events

   "When we were first introduced to PointsMap we were an established event with world recognition and several awards in the triathlon market.  So, we were not necessarily looking for something to take us to the next level.  That quickly changed when Jerry and his team showed us exactly what PointsMap could do.  The first time we saw a PointsMap we knew this technology would fit perfectly into our event.  With multiple venues, courses, sponsors and festivities PointsMap allows us to share all of these locations and times with our athletes. 
   Effectively our entire event and web site can be shared in one central mapping system.  And now, with the addition of our Mobile App, PointsMap has given us and our athletes a tool that puts our event in the palm of our hand.  We couldn’t be more happy with our partnership with PointsMap."


 -  Jeremey A. Davis, Set Up Events, Race Director

PointsMap is an informative online software that allows Naval Station Great Lakes' personnel a means to navigate the base from the palm of their hand - conviently through their smartphones and/or desktop[s and] tablets.  The MWR Department set up this navigation software in hopes as to get away from the high cost of printing maps, as well as to provide instant access to facility information and key points of interest, "24/7."  PointsMap at Great Lakes highlights facilities and key base locations for clubs and [dining], fitness areas, family activities and services, lodging, general recreation, Navy Exchange shopping, and more.  John Prue, Installation Program Director for MWR says; "Currently, we have hundreds of base personnel who are actively utilizing PointsMap on a regular basis, which is exciting."
-Chris Mohr
F&FR Marketing Manager, NRMW


My name is Pat Appleton and I am a 70 year old retired teacher currently doing volunteer work for the U.S. Park Service at Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. I work one day a month at the visitor’s center but most of my volunteer time is spent on doing projects from home to help make historical records more accessible. I am currently working on a maps project that brings together the functionality of Google maps with a format to be able to combine pictures, multimedia, historical records, and GPS coordinates so that people can access maps of the battlefields online with a computer or cell phone and take a virtual tour seeing the actual location, pictures of monuments, videos and textual history.

The technology I am using is from a company called Video Ideas and the online software is called PointsMap. Initially I was concerned about being able to take on the project because I was not able to attend the training session along with the park rangers. After I received the user name and password I went to the site just to take a look at it. Within 15 minutes of logging in I was already putting up pictures, locating monuments on the map with icons and putting in historical information. I was amazed at how user friendly the program was and how professional the results are. For about a month I worked on my own and then contacted the company with a few questions. They sat down with me, answered all my questions and even made some adaptations to the program that I suggested. They couldn’t have been more helpful.

After two more months I am now well along in my creation of a professional looking tool that park visitors and civil war enthusiasts can easily access and learn about this pivotal battle using geographical, categorical, historical and pictorial information. I would think that this would be a valuable tool for any other park both the historical, as well as, the National Parks. It can easily be built by a volunteer or multiple volunteers, leaving the park rangers free to do the work they have been trained for. It is an exciting project and I am excited to be a part of it.
- Pat Appleton
   Volunteer, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

It seems like only moments ago that Miguel Angel Carballo sunk the winning putt that brought the 2011 Children’s Hospital Classic to an exciting finish.  According to PGA TOUR officials, the Children’s Hospital Classic was one of the top three tournaments on the Nationwide Tour.  One of the reasons that the Classic received this high level of recognition was the influx of spectator friendly technology provided by Video Ideas Productions that put the Children’s Hospital Classic on the leading edge of technology. Spectator navigating technology is so critical to producing this successful high profile community event that not only receives local recognition but also national and international media coverage.
 Specifically, the Video Ideas state of the art program, PointsMap, provided an easy navigating experience for those watching at home or those at the Black Creek golf course where the tournament was played.

With a, iPad or computer, users could easily follow their favorite pro golfer, find restrooms, first aid locations, parking areas and numerous other points of interest that were added to the Google Map.  Also, users were able to see the tees and greens of all eighteen holes.
"As a result of Video Ideas providing PointsMap navigating technology to the Children’s Hospital Classic, it is with much appreciation that the Classic says ‘thanks” for a job well done and the Classic would be most pleased to serve as a reference for any company considering navigation technology.   
With the highest level of appreciation,

-Mickey McCamish
Toururnament Director, Children's Hosptial Golf Classic

Chattanooga State has been extremely pleased with the PointsMap on-line mapping software. It is an incredible tool for our students, faculty, staff and visitors to our campus. PointsMap makes it easy for them to find locations anywhere on the campus. We have had thousands of hits every month from desktops and movile smart phones. It is extremely easy to and and modify information on the points, and we can make changes quickly that are instantly available to anyone using the maps. We even use PointsMap to show the locations of special events making them easy to find. I would highly recommend PointsMap as a valuable tool for any college or university.
- Patty Brown
Director of Marketing & Communications, Chattanooga State Community College
I am excited about using the pointsmap features on the Chattanooga State website.  Video Ideas continues to improve the features allowing us to customize the map according to the needs of the college.  This map clarifies exact locations of major facilities and events on campus.

-Vickie Boles
Marketing / Web Specialist, Chattanooga State Community College


The Pointsmap app was a match made in heaven for Riverbend Festival.  With 5 stages over 8 days and 100 artists, the interactive map made planning a breeze for Riverbend Festival music lovers.   Our patrons praised the ease of plotting their experience and having it all in the palm of their hands.   The Pointsmap app had a it all covered…from when their favorite band was on stage, how to get there, and where to find concessions along the way. 
-Amy Morrow
Friends of the Festival

Riverbend Festival 2011 in Chattanooga, TN introduced a new product to festival visitors this year with great success. Riverbend used PointsMap, an new on-line, interactive mapping software developed by Video Ideas Productions for our event. The PointsMap sofware allowed us to put all the information about our event on a google map so visitors could find their way around the festival site. Visitors could view all the festival information using the street and satellite google maps as well as the Riverbend "Fun Map". It was easy for them to find performers, link to performers bios, videos and websites, performance stages and their schedules, location of concessions, shopping and even parking. Thousands of visitors took advantage of this incredible technology on their desktop computers and mobile smart phones. 

Visitors could visit the Riverbend PointsMap from their desktop computers and "plan" their evening - even creating their own custom agenda. Once they got to Riverbend they could use their smart phone to access PointsMap and get "up-to-the-minute" information. They could even scan QR codes which would automatically take to them to Riverbend information directly within PointsMap.

We were able to completely create the Riverbend PointsMap within 3 weeks before the event and it was incredibly easy to learn, use and update. We could have done so much more with the vast feature set of PointsMap given more time - and we have big plans for PointsMap for Riverbend next year.

PointsMap allowed Riverbend 2011 to provide our visitors with truly state-of-the-art technology and moved Riverbend into a new level of excellence as a premiere Chattanooga event. I highly recommend PointsMap for use by any event, festival, concert or convention and any other use where mapping and location service information would be beneficial.

-Mickey McCamish
Friends of the Festival


PointsMap pricing is very affordable for every type of industry and use.
Pricing is customized based on the industry, type of use, content and traffic.
Contact PointsMap for your free demo and customized quotation.

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